Travelling to a foreign country renews you, gives you a new breath. That’s why I love travelling.
Recently, I visited Hungary on business. It was my first visit to this country.
Firstly, I visited Dunaújváros. It is a small city with the population of 48,104 (2011). It is known for its steelworks. The foundation of the city is also connected to it, because the city was first set as a place for workers to live in 1950s. You can notice Soviet style buildings here. It is a quiet green city, far from tourists.

There is Duna river right on the top of the country with a beautiful park and plaground for kids around. One can have a nice peaceful weekend here.

The last three days I visited Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. The city has an amazing huge buildings, one can feel the history lying on them. There is all kind of public transport, including tram, underground, bus, etc. It has one of the oldest metro (second, after London) in Europe.

It’s a beautiful green country. I could smell paprica everywhere here. You wake up in the morning and can feel its scent. People use paprica a lot here. I think it’s nice to have a specific scent in each country. Maybe my own country also has, I will never know that.
I also tried some of the national cuisine. I had beef stew, and traditional Hungarian soups. I found out that Hungarian people usually have soups in their daily diet.It is close to my taste as generally I prefer having soup.

I liked its people very much. They were kind and I could hardly feel myself a stranger. Once in a shop a woman even asked me if the shirt she was buying fitted her well.


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