Social networks are perfect way to contact with your friends, relatives, your family and loved ones. It is a good way to exchange world views and also get updated about the latest news around the world. I also like people sharing photos of themselves or families. But don’t we go too far with it?
People are too much obsessed with sharing photos of themselves. Some days we get to see 10 photos of same person same day in a same place. Does that make any sense?
Personally, I think people should have some personal information that shouldn’t share with everyone. Not everyone needs to know what you are doing every day, what restaurants you attend, who you meet, what you eat, etc. Not everyone needs to see your photos every day. People get tired. People don’t need excessive information about you. Let them miss you a bit, let them wonder what you are doing, let them contact you, call you asking how you are doing.
I think people who spend too much time on social network are the people who live for the publicity. They need to prove they are happy.
People in social networks are in a kind of contest. It’s a world of contest on the amount of likes. They want to show off everything that they have. They may sometimes show off things that they don’t have.
People are so obsessed with the sharing personal photos, showing of their daily activities that they less and less enjoy the life itself. They less enjoy travelling, meeting with friends in nice restaurants, conferences that they attend. I personally know people who as soon as come to a conference or to a restaurant they ask the wifi password to share the photos of the location and themselves. They lose the momentum, the enjoyment of life.
People share too much information or photos on social networks, particularly Facebook get a lot of energy through their posts. Just imagine they have at least 100 friends on facebook and at least 50 or 30 of them see their nice photos. They want to go to these place or do things also, but can’t. I know people who close their social networks on the summer vacation times. They say they can’t afford travelling and the photos on the social network make them upset and feel miserable.
This article may not be accepted by everyone, but it is my ideas and my thoughts only. I respect everyone who likes or enjoys social networks and does things I mentioned above.

Don’t we go too far with it?

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